Suicide Prevention Week

February 4–10, 2024

Taking part in Suicide Prevention Week means adding your voice to a larger movement of people who refuse to accept suicide as an option. Every year for one week, make a commitment to prevent suicide in your community and among your loved ones.



On average, three Quebecers take their own lives every day. That is three friends, parents, children, or spouses too many. We can’t accept the loss of all those members of our community. Suicide is never the answer.

With the theme “Prevention is better than death,” the 34th edition of Suicide Prevention Week reminds us that suicide is not inevitable. By working together, we can save lives.

For Suicide Prevention Week, let’s dare to talk about suicide. Let’s be bold enough to break taboos. By opening up a dialogue, we can build a vast network of people who are aware and ready to act for their loved ones and themselves.

How to participate

Order material to raise awareness through motivational messages and information about resources in your community.

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Offer “You’re important to me” pins to people you know, to show them you care.


Join the #DareToTalkAboutSuicide campaign on your social networks.

General digital toolkit

General digital toolkit

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Group digital toolkit

Group digital toolkit

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Men’s digital toolkit

Men digital toolkit

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Take part in an activity that supports the cause or start a new project.


Why a Suicide Prevention Week?

For more than 30 years, Association Québécoise de Prévention du Suicide has organized a week of activities to promote suicide prevention throughout Quebec.

Suicide Prevention Week is an opportunity to raise awareness of resources, normalize seeking help, and promote suicide-related advocacy.

Prevent suicide 365 days a year 

Taking action to prevent suicide goes well beyond Suicide Prevention Week. Throughout the year, we invited you to take action by:

  • Becoming a Gatekeeper
  • Organizing a fundraiser 
  • Spreading the word about available resources to your professional network or community

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